Terms & Condition


Welcome to the terms of SeoRaja. This is an agreement (“Agreement”) between you and SeoRaja. Throughout the Agreement, the words, “SeoRaja”, “us”, “We” and “our” refers to SeoRaja. The Word “Client” refers to the you, owner or Business.

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Please Read Our Terms and Condition Carefully :

The Conditions :

  • The Payments are taken in the Installment Method.                 We Do Work = Client Pay Us.
  • The Client has to pay 1st instalment in advance of full payment; it is For heads-up for the Work of Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing.
  • If any form of change is made by the client to an optimized page made by us or fails in implementing the amends laid down by SEORAJA, any guarantee given will right away become void.
  • We strictly practise ethical SEO policies and have every right to nullify any warranty if we come across that any client has adopted undesirable practices in the likes of using hidden links, FFA link pages, link-link farms, take cloaking techniques, page redirect, without our consent submit our web pages to search directories, search engines and other sites, use automated websites, website submission software and reciprocal link programs.
  • As these payments are in instalment, that’s why No amount is Refundable.
  • Client Agrees above terms. If he/she pays to the Invoice generated by SEORAJA.


SeoRaja is a unique Seo Agency. We don’t take full payment in advance. We believe in boosting our client’s revenue through SEO, SEM & SMM.

Our Installment System is of 3 Types as follows :

  • The First Installment is of 30 % in advance of full payment.
  • The Second Installment is of 40 % of remaining of 70 % of full payment.
  • The Third Installment or Final Installment is of the remaining 30 %, which makes a total of 100 %.

Loss of Service

SeoRaja do not take any responsibility for service loss, damage of data, unavailability of files, misuse of devices by other clients, malfunction of communication devices, externally managed devices or any other service for that matter is beyond our control

Indemnity and warranties

The client guarantees to us always that the material used in the site is not obscene as per Obscene Publications Act 1959’s definition, is not against any third party’s Intellectual Property Rights, is free of any corporate advertising element that goes against the Control of Misleading Advertisements Regulations 2000, is free from misleading rate comparison against the Consumer Protection Act and is not against the Defamation Act 1996

Third Party Fees

Fees of any kind that is charged by the search engines for incorporating a listing should be made by the client separately and this will comprise yet not restricted to pay per inclusion rate in directories such as Yahoo, MSN and so on.