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For every business to succeed, the business needs to acquire some recognition. This can only be done when the business attracts some clients. Now, the type of clients differs from business to business, but the source may be the same.

There are many ways to attract clients and one of the most effective way to attract clients is Local business directory. So without further ado lets get started

1. Indiabizlist

It is an Indian business listing site where users can search for the best businesses in India by location as well as a specific category.

The major aim of the site IndiaBizList is to help you promote your businesses effectively by providing accurate information in a clear, efficient and organized manner.

They have businesses listed across a wide range of products and services like Internet market, website marketing services, Business development services, Business networking services, Business directories, and desktop publishing, among thousands of others are provided here.

2. indiamart

This leading Indian e-commerce company is perhaps the most widely used and popular platform among Indian business owners.

Here, you can find details of manufacturers, traders, distributors/suppliers, vendors alike across different industries.

You can search this extensive database for both Business 2 Business and Business 2 Customer opportunities.

3. Indyapages

It is one of the top online business directories and provides great facilities. You can easily add your business and get the right kind of recognition and name among the local people and other regions as well.

It helps you to improve your discovery of business online, attract customers and improve citation.

Adding to this, it will improve your SEO ranking too. Indyapages have excellent features and is a user-friendly business directory too for ease of use.

4. TradeIndia

It is not only the second largest Indian business directory, but it does offer a Business 2 Business website portal.

Its main aim is to make their customers happy and feel satisfied. They offer 24 hour quality support to their customers.

The benefit of using Tradeindia is that it has records suppliers all over the world.

5. Yellow Pages India

You must have heard about it? Well, it is one of the most famous and the oldest too. It is user-friendly and you can easily add your business too.

Moreover, it has various categories and amazing features also. Since this is an old portal, it is very reputed and can be the perfect platform to help you promote your business in India and around the globe as well.

6. SME.in

It is one of the most popular and one of the leading business directories in India. You will be happy to know that SME.in is one of the leading Business 2 Business Indian wholesaler and retailer.

This site provides you with plenty of options to choose from and you can get all the information about the business you are interested in.

6. Indianindustry.com

It is a business directory which deals with suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters majorly.

You can easily search for industrial manufacturers and suppliers on this website—the broad categories include engineering works, electronics & electricals, plastic & rubber, chemicals, and packaging.

7. Yelu.in

Another leading business directory in India. It is an online database that compiled the best companies in India.

They have classified listing across 1000 categories, making it one of the most well-maintained user interfaces among directories.

The main categories include logistics, insurance, cleaning, construction, IT, entertainment and travel. Hop on to perform a quick, location wise search on the giant database and be inspired to list your business here for more visibility.

8. Submitmybusiness

It makes sure your business can be easily found among the local areas.

Submitmybusiness is not only a leading business portal but ensures your free listing in their business directory too. This enables

9. Dizylocal.com

Well, we all know Google is the biggest platform, so this business directory is one of the top leading portals in India.

They have various categories and provide amazing features too. You can easily list your business for great visibility too.

10. Livekerala.com

Well, if you are looking for a business directory that focuses on Kerala-based businesses, then this is undoubtedly one of the best options for you.

From accommodation to automotive, to healthcare—they cover all important domains. They also have useful blogs where you can read more information about the featured companies.

11. Addonbiz.com

This is an amazing platform to find and discover local businesses in India. Listing on this site is free of charge, and it is valid for a lifetime.

The company’s objective is to make your business searchable by interested customers and help you find businesses through an user-friendly system.

12. Findinall.com

One of another free business directory in India, Findinall.com is not only easy to use but also comes with a collection of many other features.

Explore this site to look for information on Indian companies in the sectors real estate, IT , Retail, Consulting, Manufacturing, Services and other domains.

13. Jimtrade.com

It has thousands of registered buyers and deals with suppliers too. It deals with international markets also.

You can easily promote your business online without any complications. Moreover, if you have any query, their customer service is up to date and will surely meet your needs.

14. yellowbot.com

This is a local searching site for getting the right popularity for your business. They are building ways to get better each year.

Thus, proving to be one of the top leading business directories in India. The constant improvement ensures that you receive quality service and updated details of the businesses.

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